Questions and Answers

As the booking process work?

The reservation of the apartments must be made directly and exclusively on site.

The process is very simple: just enter the site's home page to input and output data and the number of guests and fill in the requested data.

How should I pay?

When making a reservation the guest shall pay 50% of the stay. This payment can be made by credit card up to 3x without taxs or deposi or bank transfer. In the case of deposi or transfer bank the payment must be made in 24 hours.

The other 50% of the stay must be paid on check in with a debit card, credit 1x or money.

How do I get the keys?

An official Team Season Marina, which is resident of the Residential Marina Club, will be waiting for the guest in the condo for delivery of keys and to display the property. The return of the keys is also made to the same employee.

The staff is at the guest's disposal during the stay for any questions or unforeseen.

What location of the condominium?

Residencial Marina Club is in a very privileged location. On the banks of a beautiful lake, on the border of the cities of Cabo Frio and São Pedro da Aldeia, the guest enjoys a sensational view.

Residencial Marina Club has easy access to the main beaches of the Lake District and the shopping Park Lagos. Click here to see the Residential in Google Maps.

What time of entry and exit?

Check time in (input) in the apartment is from 17:00 hours. If the guest arrives to the condo before this time you wait for the release of the apartment on the private residential club. The club has swimming pools, sauna, games room, dressing room and other entertainment.

The check out time (output) of the apartment by 12:00 hours.

Any change in check schedules in and check out depends on availability and approval of the lessor.

Pets accepted in the apartment?

We accept animals, provided that the rules respected below:

 - Only small pets

- When the condominium common area must be on a leash

- The needs (feces and urine) can not be made inside the apartment

- When does the animal feces in the common area of ​​the condominium owner should collect them.

The animals will not have access to the private condominium club area.

Which limit guests in the apartment?

Each apartment has a limit of guests accommodated in the rooms. This limit is indicated in the announcement of each property.

An additional fee of 5% of the total amount of the stay will be charged for each additional guest, accommodated in the room. These additions will be shown during the booking procedure on the site

Children up to 5 (five) years of age are not counted, since the guest will be responsible for accommodation of the same, considering the beds available in the apartment.

The apartment has air conditioning?

Only the suite has air conditioning. The other rooms do not have air conditioning, but has fans.

Note that the Marina Club condo is literally on the edge of a lake and therefore usually quite ventilated.

How many parking spaces?

Each apartment has 1 parking space in the condominium.

If you are interested, guests can request a second parking space in the condominium which can be granted at a cost of R $ 20.00 per day.

The apartment has bed linen and bath?

We offer bed linen and bath free of charge for all guests, however there is no change of bed linen and bath during the stay.

What cookware is the apartment?

The apartments have the following kitchen items: Refrigerator, stove, microwave, pans, cutlery, plates, glasses, coffee maker, sandwich maker and blender.

It has wi-fi?

Yes. You may enjoy wifi inside the apartment and also in the area of ​​private club.

Can I use the private club of the condominium?

Yes. The private club condo is at your disposal, except for the gym that is for the exclusive use of residents.

The private club has swimming pools, sauna, courts, children's play area, games room and more. All this is available to your group.

Is there any mandatory fee?

The only fee cleaning of R$ 180.00 is required. This rate is only (not per day).

Can I use the grill?

The grills are in the private club and can be used at a cost of R$ 50.00 per day of use. They must consult the barbecue availability.

What is the cancellation policy?

If the cancellation occurs more than 30 days prior to check in will be charged a fine of 50% of the total stay. If the cancellation occurs less than 30 days prior to check in will be charged a fine of 100% of the total stay.