Terms and Conditions


Clause 1) The TENANT declares aware of the exact location of the Residencial Marina Club. States also have conducted research on the internet about this issue, not fitting, therefore, any further claims in relation to the location of the property.


Clause 2) This location is intended to exclusively season ends, and thus is prohibited any amendments to that destination, except upon prior written consent of the LANDLORD.

2.1 - will not be allowed to transfer this contract or sublease, assignment or total or partial loan Property leased without the prior written permission of the LANDLORD.

2.2 - It is expressly forbidden the holding of parties in the apartment.


Clause 3) The process of booking the apartments will be made directly to the property's website, namely www.marinatemporada.com.

3.1 - After the completion of the booking, the tenant will receive a booking confirmation email.


Clause 4) The values ​​of the charges are reported in the property's website. The LANDLORD may apply, in its sole discretion, discount on fares.

4.1 - The cleaning tax is calculated automatically by the site.

4.2 - The guest will receive the apartment clean and will not need to clean the apartment at the exit. However there was no maid service during our stay.


Clause 5) The payment of the total amount must be made as follows:

a) 50% of the total amount at time of booking;

b) the remaining 50% in cash or debit or credit card at one time, at the check in

5.1 - The amount indicated in item "a" can be done by bank transfer / deposit within a maximum of 24 hours after the reservation request, under penalty of automatic cancellation of the pre-booking. The said amount can also be paid by credit card up to 3 times without taxs.

5.2 - In case the guest decides to make the payment of 100% of the total amount of the stay at the moment of the reservation, he / she can parcel the full amount in up to 3x without taxs.

5.3 - Upon check in the tenant may pay by debit card, given that happening any inconvenience at the time of payment with the card, such as lack of limit on the card, missing card machine signal, technical problems with the machine, not the authorization by the administrator of debit card, etc., the lessee will be required to make payment in cash before delivery of the keys.


Clause 6) The maximum number of guests allowed on the property is described in the advertisement of each property.

6.1 - It is possible to add extra guests, accommodated in the room, up to the maximum limit of the property, for a surcharge of 5% of the total value per extra guest.

6.2 - Children up to 5 (five) years are not counted, since the TENANT will be responsible for accommodation of the same, considering the beds available in the apartment.

6.3 - Non-compliance with the rules set out in clause 6 will incur a fine in the amount of R $ 250.00 (two hundred and fifty reais) per person over the limit authorized by day.


Clause 7) The property will be available from 17: 00h the day of check in (input) and must be vacated until 12: 00h the day of check out (output).

7. 1 - The private club of the condominium can use the TENANT from 12: 00h on the day of check in (input).

7. 2 - It will not be possible to perform check in (input) or check out (output) outside the hours set out in clause 7, unless there is preset with the Lessor.


Clause 8 °) The TENANT will be entitled to the use of one (1) vehicle seat inside the condo.

8.1 - You may request a second parking space in the condominium which can be granted at a cost of R $ 20.00 per day.

8.2 - The LESSOR is not liable for any possible damage caused by third parties to the TENANT the vehicle in or out of the condominium dependencies.

8.3 - The (s) Job (s) for (s) to TENANT are marked, is expressly prohibited the TENANT the park (s) vehicle (s) outside (s) locations previously indicated (s).


Clause 9 °) The TENANT acknowledges that we offer bed linen and bath free of charge for all guests, however there is no change of bed linen and bath during the stay.


Section 10 °) The TENANT declares aware that the property does not have wheelchair accessibility, not even lift.

10.1 - The TENANT may consult the floor of each apartment in the announcement of real estate in

www.marinatemporada.com site.


Clause 11) It is forbidden the entry of animals in the apartment, unless subject to the following rules:

a) communication is required the presence of animals at the time of booking

b) They are only allowed small pets

c) When in the common area of ​​the animal community must be on a leash

d) the needs (feces and urine) of the animal can not be made inside the apartment

e) When the animal does feces in the common area of ​​the condominium owner should collect them

f) It is forbidden the entry of any type of animal whatever size on the premises of a private club.

g) The animals will not have access to the private condominium club area.


Section 12 °) The TENANT, on this occasion, it is stated below aware of the rules governing the condominium Marina Club, which is located in the leased property, pledging to observe them and carry them out:

a) It is forbidden to excessive noise in the apartment, especially from 22: 00h, so do not bother neighbors

b) It is the duty of the TENANT act with respect and education to the residents and staff of the condominium

c) Vehicles must travel on low speed inside the condo for everyone's safety.

d) Vehicle owners must comply with the markings of the places in the condominium parking.

e) Owners of animals to roam with the same inside the condo should pick their feces.

f) shall not be permitted facilities of any type of antennas and others, through the wires the outside of the apartment.

g) It is not allowed to leave the TENANT apartment keys or belongings in the lobby of the condominium or club under the responsibility of the porters

Section 13 °) The playgrounds of "SYNTHETIC GRASS" located inside the condo have the following opening hours: 08: 00h to 22: 00h.

13.1 - It is forbidden to enter with shoes, drinks and animal food, as well as higher input seven (7) years in synthetic grass playgrounds.


Section 14 °) The TENANT may make use of the premises of the private club of the condominium, except gym and ballroom, obeying all the rules of it.

14.1 - The LESSEE declares aware that the opening hours of private club is 08: 00h to 23: 00h, and the opening hours of the pools is from 09: 00h to 18: 00h.

14.2 - The LESSEE declares aware that the maximum amount of people who can access the private club is ten (10) guests, unless prior adjustment to the lessor. Children under 4 years are not counted in that limit.

14.3 - Access to private club shall occur with The cards will be delivered at check in.

14.4 - The LESSEE declares aware that the condominium club pools are closed, as a rule, one (1) once a week, usually on Mondays fair for cleaning. This rule can be changed by the administration of the condominium without notice.

Section 15 °) For use of the pools the TENANT must observe the following rules:

a) You must use the shower before the pool bath.

b) use of the pool for the promotion parties of any kind is prohibited

c) The practice of sports pool games such as racquetball, badminton, balls and swimming disputes between others that may intervene in security, peace and well being of other users.

d) It is also forbidden to use large inflatable toy, surfboards and boats that present danger to other users.

e) It is not allowed to use diving equipment and or accessories such as fins and etc ...

f) It is forbidden the use of tanning oil and pass sunblock wait for 15 minutes.

g) It is forbidden to children under seven (7) years in the large pool or in the small without the presence of the person responsible.

h) It is forbidden to run in the pool area for diving and among other games.

i) It is forbidden to eat and drink in the pool.

j) It is prohibited any glass artifact in the pool area.

k) The release sound and smoke in the pool area.

Section 16 °) Loss or damage to stamp certifications will result in duty of indemnification of R $ 40.00 per ID card lost or damaged.


Clause 17) The grills are in the private club and can be used at a cost of R$ 50.00 per day of use.

17.1 - is required prior consultation with the availability of the grills. The barbecue of the reservation will only be performed after confirmation of payment, which may occur by deposit or bank transfer or credit card.

17.2 - It is forbidden to improvise any barbecue in the common areas of the club.

17.3 - In the events held on the barbecue, the use of any device that produces sound, must be reduced after 22h (twenty-two hours) obeying to common sense.

17.4 - The TENANT is the responsibility of returning the BBQ under the same conditions received by collecting the debris and placing them in the appropriate places


Section 18 °) Along with the property is given on lease movable and utensils that garrison. The TENANT agrees to return the leased property in the condition you received it.

18.1 - The TENANT acknowledges that there will be an inspection of the property Report of the check moments in (input) and check out (output).

18.2 - The TENANT must keep the property, sanitary and electrical installations, locks, windows, faucets, drains, floors, as well as other accessories, furniture and fixtures in perfect condition, so as to restore them when ended the contract .

18.3 - The TENANT is responsible for any damage that may cause the property, or property that the garrison should return them in the same condition as received. In absence of any damage the TENANT must repair it on your own, the duration of the lease.

18.4 - If there is a finding of any damage to property or any goods or utensils not repaired by the TENANT, the obligation to indemnify the LESSOR in value stipulated by the LANDLORD.


Section 19 °) any fines imposed by the administration of the condominium, on the grounds of breach of rules laid down in this agreement occurred during the lease of the same, they will be charged to the TENANT, who will be responsible for the payment thereof.


20 ° clause) Where withdrawal of the lease by either party for any reason, a party who discontinues shall notify the other, by email, with at least thirty (30) days in advance, and due also fine equivalent 50% of the total value of the lease.

20.1 - If the withdrawal takes place outside the period of notice provided for in clause 20 °, to the fine will be 100% of the total value of the lease.

20.2 - If the cancellation occurs by the LESSEE, the LESSOR may be valid if the down payment for the fine receipt purposes and the TENANT pay the remainder of the fine, by deposit or bank transfer or credit card.


20 ° clause) The reneter declares that only 2 rooms have air conditioning.. The other room do not have air conditioning, but only fans.

20.1 - The guest can not leave the air conditioning on when you are outside the apartment, due to the risks arising from this act.